Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses


Advertising on Facebook does not have to be complicated.

I know that it can feel that way, though. With a constantly changing back-end, multiple places to promote your services or products, pixels and remarketing and audience choices to make - it's no wonder that people often give up on Facebook before they have had a chance to really get started. 

My packages are designed for the small business owner looking to leverage every dollar that they put in to their advertising to help them achieve a goal. Whether it's awareness, consideration, or loyalty you're looking for from your customers - I can help. 


Facebook Ads Audit - $125 CDN/hr

You want to know where you’re at with a current campaign or maybe where you went wrong. I dive in to your account, give you my feedback as well as suggestions for improvement.

Facebook Ad Account Setup - $299 CDN

Wondering where you go to run an ad? Or what an audience is and how to save one? Nevermind that, what's a pixel and where does that go? I go in and set up your ad account for you from start to finish so that when you're ready to go - you don't have to worry about these nitty gritty details.

Facebook Ad Campaign - $500 CDN + 10% Ad Spend 

You want assistance crafting the perfect campaign from the set up straight through to reporting. This package comes with all the setup mentioned above, three ads that you can A/B test on your run as well as copy, image best practices, and reporting. 

Items of note: You are responsible for the images that we use (or we can use stock images).
Minimum Ad Spend: $120/campaign

Monthly Facebook Management - $2800 CDN + 10% Ad Spend

Have as many campaigns as you like, I'm with you from start to finish. 

Items of note: You are responsible for the images we use in your advertisements (or we can use stock images)
Minimum Ad Spend: $1000/month
Minimum Commitment: 3 months

Add Ons:

Facebook ads are only successful if the entire plan from top to bottom is put together well. I will ALWAYS let you know what parts of your process I feel need tweaking, or if you are missing something that is preventing you from seeing success. This list contains popular add-ons that I can create for any campaign. 

Basic Landing Page: $150 CDN
Sales Landing Page: $300 CDN

Welcome Email Series: $300 CDN (3 emails) 
Product Launch Email Series: $450 (5 emails)