Hey there, welcome, how are ya?


My name is Amalia, I'm a digital marketing consultant, and my sole mission in life is to ensure that small businesses and freelancers have the tools they need to succeed with digital advertising (okay, not my sole mission, I'd also like to travel the world, be a Mom someday, and master crow pose. But helping small businesses succeed IS something I'm incredibly passionate about). 

Why? Because I have watched time and time again, as small business owners pay thousands of dollars for services they don't really need or understand.  Because I have seen freelancers give up on advertising strategies that might work for them because they don't have the tools to succeeed. 

Because I've been told by someone that "AdWords is the black hole of my advertising and I don't know how to fix it." Because I have watched too many people be promised "spot one" on Google within x number of days only to have their rankings plummet and their provider nowhere to be found. 

It doesn't have to be that way, and it shouldn't be that way - which is where having a digital marketing consultant like me comes in. 

You should be able to run your business, make it profitable, AND benefit from the knowledge of a marketing consultant. You should be able to purchase help with simply setting up an ad account, or to ask a questions you have had for weeks - WITHOUT having to purchase a huge costly package. You should be able to work with a partner who appreciates just how hard it is to build up a small business, who doesn't bullshit the hard stuff, and who communicates with you like the business owner you are. 


That partner? 

Whether you are a DIY freelancer, a small business, or someone looking to improve your skills, there is something here for you.

Looking for AdWords support, Facebook advertising help, or guidance on SEO strategy? Check out my services and pre-packaged options. Feel free to read some of the articles on the blog to help you get started. Or consider joining the email list to get regular tips and tricks that are actionable and easy to follow.

Whether we cross paths for an hour, a week, or work together for months - the only guarantee you'll ever hear from me is that I promise to do my best for your small business. Because you deserve a digital marketing provider who makes time for you, and who is as passionate as you are.