Facebook Advertising Tips & Tricks


Facebook advertising (like most online advertising) can be a magical treasure trove of awesome. It can also be a minefield of despair. I’ve gathered my top tips and tricks to help you and your small business make the most out of your Facebook advertising.

Install that Facebook pixel - even if you aren't going to use it yet. 

Even if you think Facebook advertising isn’t for you and plan to never touch it, install that Facebook pixel on your website – this is Facebook’s version of a tracking code. Even if you aren’t using ads now, you’re going to want the ability to create an audience when you do. Advertising to a warm audience on Facebook almost always yields better results, whether they are from your community or previous visitors to your website.

How do you find your pixel? Find the Pixel tab in your ads manager. Click actions → view pixel code and follow the instructions or get your favourite marketer/developer to help you.

Consider your creative.

Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, is on Facebook to get ads. Nobody. When is the last time you went on Facebook and thought to yourself “I cannot WAIT for these ads.” It’s not like the Superbowl – when half of the excitement is seeing the advertising (for me, at least. Okay, just me? I get it).

Facebook advertising is very different from advertising on Google, where there are intent based searches happening all the time (i.e. ‘where is the nearest dental office’). So your creative on Facebook should be minimalistic, friendly, and have the goal of ‘stopping the thumb’ from scrolling. I put no text on my image, I use video, and trust that what I need to say I’ll say around it (and talk to my audience like they’re a friend). People go on Facebook to catch up with other people, not watch a commercial.

Do your math...

Advertising to an entire country on a $5/day budget means you’re not necessarily going to reach the people who are best for your business. Even at a low cost per click of 0.50, you’re only going to get 10 people a day landing on your landing page. Who is this for? How can you narrow your audience?

... But watch your frequency.

Watch your frequency numbers. It’s proven that individuals need to view an ad between 2-3 times to get a good recall rate, but anything over 5-7x starts to make people angry – no matter how much they like your ads in the first place. If you have a high frequency, pause it, change up the creative OR text (not both, that way you can test!) and try again.

Best practice is to look at frequency on a weekly basis -- you want to see a number from 3-5.

Know your Goals & Desired ROI

When planning a campaign you should have a REALLY good idea of who you want to advertise to, and what you want them to do. Think of it like a relay race, your planning, ad, messaging, landing page, and goals all have to play a part in keeping your successful. One of those elements drops the baton and you’re not doing everything you could.


Facebook advertising can be really tricky. Ensure that you know your audience, your goals, and are watching your frequency. Talk to people like you would want to be spoken to while using the platform, and make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed.