SEO Services For Small Businesses


Here's what most people don't tell you about Google and SEO.

It can take you a significant amount of time to get on the first page. 

There are no guarantees with SEO, and anybody who tells you otherwise is full of it.

I’m here to take the mystery out of SEO,  and make putting best practices into play affordable. I’ll tell you not only what I am doing, but also why I am doing it - and I have leading industry SEO practitioners and articles to back me up (because I actually do my research. Staying up to date is the best way I can help you).

Bottom line? I know you are a small business and don’t have time to fact-check your provider. I get it. I also know you don’t have multiple thousands of dollars to throw at me over months and months on end, and that every marketing dollar you have matters. That's why I've created these packages just for you.

Please note: You must have a Wordpress, Squarespace, or Shopify website in order to select these packages.


SEO Audit - $125 CDN/hr

You want to know where you’re at, and get an in-depth report about your website’s current SEO and where there might be some holes, along with actionable items and how to proceed. Let me do an audit for you and provide you with just that.

Includes: An in-depth on page SEO report with actionable items.

SEO Site Adjustments - starting at $499 CDN

You don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, but you know you should do something about your SEO. This makes the basics affordable. It includes keyword research, a site audit, optimizations for up to four key pages, and setup of all the necessary analytics for you to track success. 

SEO Launch Package - $799 CDN 

The SEO Launch package is for you if you're switching websites. There is a lot involved in keeping things working properly, and having an SEO expert to help can be crucial to maintaining your rankings as you swap up the design of your site. Spend a week with me prior to your switch to get copy, headings, and title recommendations, and then after your site launches I will go in and clean up all the behind the scenes SEO.